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Urska Vrhovsek

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Fondazione Edmund Mach, 
Tel: 0461615140

Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) is a public research institute which includes a Research and Innovation Centre (CRI), a Training and Education Centre, and a Technology Transfer Center, all focused on educational and learning through scientific research in the fields of agriculture, food and environment. CRI hosts around 300 researchers and has a scientific outreach of more than 250 articles with impact factor (year 2015), around 20 patents, and more than 10,000 participants to its international events. In the 2013 Italian research evaluation exercise, CRI ranked first amongst nonuniversity research centers in the fields of chemistry and agriculture. FEM CRI hosts a postgraduate research school which offers state of the art scientific training and financial support to doctoral candidates and has successfully hosted more than 100 PhD students in the agri-food-environment sector.


FEM Aromagenesis support and training team: Metabolomics Unit (Dr Urska Vrhovsek). Urska Vrhovsek will allocate 10% time for ESR supervision, training and research project coordination. A senior research fellow Dr. Silvia Carlin, will dedicate 10% time to ESR laboratory. Ms Lotti will (10%) provide general laboratory support for the project. Training and the Aromagenesis ESRs will also benefit from the FEM PhD liaison office providing direct regulatory and administrative support led by Dr Elisabetta Perini.

  • Flavour profiling, by GC-MS
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