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Hi, I'm the owner of Singer Instruments, developing instrumentation to help accelerate genetic research. We are headquartered in the UK, have satellite offices and laboratories in California, Singapore and Germany. At Singer, we care about two things above all else: Science and our people. In 2016 we announced that we would be giving away a large share of our profits to our employees every year. We are committed to investing the rest of our profits into new product development. In 2018 we launch our ‘Equity for Nerds’ staff ownership platform. Singer collaborate with clients like NASA, Carlsberg, BP Biofuels and academic research groups at the World’s top 50 universities. My background in science and engineering includes a doctorate in Quantum Chaos from UCL. I holds a portfolio of patents, mostly associated with laboratory automation. I surf, kitesurf and play the ukulele - incredibly badly! Get in touch if you want to chat science over a beer.

Harry Singer

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