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Screening of Saccharomyces strains for the capacity to produce desirable fermentative compounds...

An article from Dolores Pérez, Inés Jaehde, José Manuel Guillamón, José María Heras, and Amparo Querol published in Food Microbiology 2021

A collection of 33 Saccharomyces yeasts were used for wine fermentation with a sole nitrogen source: ammonium and four individual aroma-inducing amino acids. The fermentation performance and chemical wine composition were evaluated. The most valuable nitrogen sources were valine as a fermentation promoter on non-cerevisiae strains, phenylalanine as fruity aromas enhancer whereas the ethanol yield was lessened by leucine and isoleucine. S. cerevisiae SC03 and S. kudriavzevii SK02 strains showed to be the greatest producers of fruity ethyl esters while S. kudriavzevii strains SK06 and SK07 by shortening the fermentation duration. S. uvarum strains produced the greatest succinic acid amounts and, together with S. eubayanus, they reached the highest production of 2-phenylethanol and its acetate ester; whereas S. kudriavzevii strains were found to be positively related to high glycerol production.

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