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Packing a punch: understanding how flavours are produced in lager fermentations

A review from Claire Lin Lin, Roberto de la Cerda, Penghan Zhang, Silvia Carlin, Andrea Gottlieb, Mikael Agerlin Petersen, Urska Vrhovsek, and Ursula Bond published in FEMS Yeast Research, 2021

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world and it has an irreplaceable place in culture. Although invented later than ale, lager beers dominate the current market. Many factors relating to the appearance (colour, clarity and foam stability) and sensory characters (flavour, taste and aroma) of beer, and other psychological determinants affect consumers’ perception of the product and defines its drinkability. This review takes a wholistic approach to scrutinise flavour generation in the brewing process, focusing particularly on the contribution of the raw ingredients and the yeasts to the final flavour profiles of lager beers. In addition, we examine current developments to improve lager beer flavour profiles for the modern consumers.

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