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Impact of two yeast strains on Tempranillo red wine aroma profiles throughout accelerated ageing

An article from Marie Denat, Dolores Pérez, José María Heras, María Pilar Sáenz-Navajas, and Vicente Ferreira published in OENO One

This study aimed at determining the changes induced by two S. cerevisiae strains, (IONYS wf™ and Lalvin ICV D254™) on the sensory and chemical aroma profiles of Tempranillo wine, after fermentation and after ageing. The 64 aroma molecules determined were grouped attending to sensory and chemical similarity into 17 aroma vectors. Sensory studies included a sorting task and a descriptive analysis by flash profile with a trained panel. Results revealed that, even if ageing is the dominant factor, the strain of yeast introduces significant and consistent differences, both in sensory and aroma vector profiles (11 out of 17 affected). Wines made with D254 contained higher levels of ethyl esters, acetic acid, cinnamates and ethyl acetate and lower levels of linear fatty acids, β-damascenone, acetaldehyde, higher alcohols and lactones than those made with IONYS. The first profile was related to black and fresh fruit notes, while the second to white and compote fruits.

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