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HybridMine: A Pipeline for Allele Inheritance and Gene Copy Number Prediction in Hybrid Genomes ...

An article from Soukaina Timouma, Jean-Marc Schwartz, and Daniela Delneri published in Microorganisms, 2020

Genome-scale computational approaches are opening opportunities to model and predict favorable combination of traits for strain development. However, mining the genome of complex hybrids is not currently an easy task, due to the high level of redundancy and presence of homologous. For example, Saccharomyces pastorianus is an allopolyploid sterile yeast hybrid used in brewing to produce lager-style beers. The development of new yeast strains with valuable industrial traits such as improved maltose utilization or balanced flavor profiles are now a major ambition and challenge in craft brewing and distilling industries. Moreover, no genome annotation for most of these industrial strains have been published. Here, we developed HybridMine, a new user-friendly, open-source tool for functional annotation of hybrid aneuploid genomes of any species by predicting parental alleles including paralogs. Our benchmark studies showed that HybridMine produced biologically accurate results for hybrid genomes compared to other well-established software. As proof of principle, we carried out a comprehensive structural and functional annotation of complex yeast hybrids to enable system biology prediction studies. HybridMine is developed in Python, Perl, and Bash programming languages and is available in GitHub.

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