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Andrea Gottlieb

Andrea Gottlieb
Novozymes A/S
Krogshoejvej 36
2880 Bagsvaerd Denmark
+44 1984 640226 

Novozymes is the world leader in industrial enzymes. Novozymes was founded in 2000 in a demerger from pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. Industrial enzyme production began already in 1941. Today, the enzyme production leaves Novozymes with a global enzyme market share of 48%. Enzyme products comprise 90% of today’s business, microbes are sold in 10% of the product portfolio. Novozymes has delivered all the major innovations within industrial enzymes for the last 40 years and spends approx. 14% of annual sales back into R&D. With 7000 patents in the biotechnology field, Novozymes is a true innovation-driven company and has a workforce of over 6000 employees worldwide. Novozymes’ headquarter in Denmark has all core enzyme R&D technologies; parallel and complementary R&D competence centers are in US, China and Japan.


Andrea Gottlieb (AWA, 10 %) is Senior Professional in Novozymes in Application research in Brewing. We have profound knowledge in enzymatic reactions during wort production and will contribute to the consortium by providing tailor made wort for fermentation. Mette Frederiksen (Department manager) will commit 10 % of her time for supervision and guidance of Claire Lin Lin (PhD student). Anja Holden Damsholt (Technician) will support with experimental assistance. We have initiates a collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science where Claire will graduate and have Mikael Agerlin Petersen as her academic supervisor. He is an expert in analysis of aroma compounds and sensory and instrumental analysis.

  • Tailor made substrates for increased flavour formation during yeast fermentation
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