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Carole Camarasa

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Institut National De La Recherche Agronomique

UMR Sciences for Enology (SPO) groups together the structures dedicated to training and research in enology of INRA, SupAgro and Montpellier University (UM). INRA is the second public research institute in France and has a staff of 8478 researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative, nearly 2,000 PhD students. SupAgro hosts 1669 students, 88 teacher-researchers and 321 staff members. UM is a research-intensive university where education and research cover most Scientific and Technological fields with 76 research departments, more than 4000 university lecturers, researchers and administrative staff, and 1 700 PhD students. SPO (Microbiology team) has cuttingedge expertise in fermentation, genetics, genomics, physiology and system biology of wine yeasts.


Co-supervisors of ESRs and research training: Dr Bruno Blondin, professor SupAgro (10 PhD students supervised),  10 %; Dr Audrey Bloem, lecturer UM (1 PhD student co-supervised), 10%; Dr Vincent Farines lecturer UM (1 PhD student co-supervised), 10%; Dr Jean-Roch Mouret research scientist INRA, (2 PhD student co-supervised), 10% ; Dr Carole Camarasa, research scientist INRA (5 PhD students supervised) , 5%; Dr Jean-Luc Legras, research engineer INRA (4 PhD students co-supervised), 5%.

  • Identification of genes involved in variations in sulfur compounds formation by wine yeasts
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