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Ursula Bond

Trinity College Dublin
Department of Microbiology
Tel: +353 1896 2578

Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s top ranked university and ranks in the top 100 universities in the world (QS ranking). The campus occupies some 51 acres with over 220,000 m2 of buildings, including historic architecture and state-of-the-art modern facilities. The university has an enrolment of 18,174 students and a staff of 2642 including 1264 academics. The ESRs will be hosted in The Eukaryotic Gene Expression Group (EGEG) within the School of Genetics and Microbiology, incorporating the Moyne Institute of Preventive Medicine and the Smurfit Institute of Genetics. The School has 23 Principal Investigators with active research programmes and is ranked in the top 10 of the most cited papers in Genetics and Microbiology.


EGEG is led by Dr. Ursula Bond, a Fellow of Trinity College. Dr. Bond graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.A.(mod) in Biochemistry and was awarded a PhD in Molecular Biology by Washington University, St Louis, Missouri. She conducted post-doctoral research at Yale University as an Anna Fuller Fellow before returning to Trinity College Dublin, taking up an academic role in the Department of Microbiology. A world leader in the genetics of industrial yeasts, Dr. Bond has published seminal papers in the fields of yeast genetics and molecular biology.  Key areas of research include the (i) Composition, Structure and Evolution of the genomes of the Lager Yeasts, Saccharomyces pastorianus, (ii) adaptive evolution and synthetic biology approaches to expand the metabolic and physiological capacities of industrial yeasts and (iii) fundamental molecular biological questions on the molecular mechanisms of RNA biogenesis in yeasts.

Dr. Bond has been awarded research funding of 15.67 million euro during her tenure at TCD and has supervised 14 doctoral students.

  • Accelerated Evolution of lager yeast strains for improved flavour profiles
  • Influence of hybrid genes on flavour profiles in lager yeasts
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